Asklepios Your Smart
Medical  Companion

Asklepios is a Cross-Platform Software as a service. Its main purpose is to help doctors optimize their chronic diseases treatments through technological tools.

Asklepios, Why ?

2.7 Billions people use smartphone,even though the smartphone is a very advanced piece of computing and technology, we still don’t exploit all its performances. The majority of this population suffer or have a parent suffering from chronic diseases (Cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimer, …), mental illness, prenatal and postnatal conditions, and all sorts of health conditions that require a full time medical monitoring that can be provided by expensive wearable devices that not everyone can afford.

Due to the non-availability of palliative care or patient monitoring on a full-time basis, the physician can not follow his patient’s daily routine and the effects of his therapy.

This makes the treatment optimization process difficult and slow and even deadly in some cases.

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Why and What ?

Data Loss

Expensive Wearable Devices

89 Billion $ Market

5 Billion Users (Target)

Start-Up Label (Government Endorsement)

Investing Advantages (Government Endorsement)

Based On Scientific Researches

Stunning UI/UX

Cross Platform SAAS

Easy To Use App

Affordable Solution

Doctors Network

Asklepios, What?

Asklepios is a direct, real-time communication channel between patients with chronic diseases requiring ongoing follow-up and their physicians.

Asklepios combines the accessibility of smartphones with the power of new technologies such as Cloud, Artificial Intelligence and cryptography and turn the smartphone into a wearable device for chronic diseases.
Asklepios is the first platform on the market that provides real-time, intelligent patient monitoring outside health facilities without the use of wearable devices.
Asklepios will allow an early clinical therapeutic evaluation that will speed up the biological and radiological evaluation with a view to switching to a subsequent line of treatment quickly in order to avoid the patient’s loss of chances associated with slow process.

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Health Indicators

  • 70 % of the world’s population use Smartphones with Internet Access
  • 60% of physicians has internet access
  • 50% of the E-Health Global Market is held by Mobile E-Health Solutions
  • 15% of health facilities use at least one E-health Platform
  • 11% of the world’s population is over 60 Year old
  • 5% of world’s population can afford wearable devices

Road Map

January 2021
- Validating the national Market and Investment Raising
- Growing to Grand Maghreb Market
March 2021
- Adding more medical specialities to the Project
- Build a market inside other Arabic countries (MENA Region)
February 2020
- Start developing the MVP
- Scientific Research and A.I development
April 2020
- Publish the MVP for patients and collect their feedback
- Start networking with hospitals and private clinics
July 2020
- Start building a strong market in Tunisia (Patients and their doctors
- Adding features to the application and releasing a new version
October 2020
Growing to European French Speaking Countries
December 2020
- Optimize the application based on users feedback
- Start networking in French-speaking countries and MENA Counties
June 2019
- Company Incorporation
-Got Labelled By the Tunisian Government
August 2019
- From Idea to Prototype
- Meeting with learned Societies
November 2019
- Meeting with users
- Collecting users feedback for prototype


The Founders are entrepreneurs and experts. Two Engineers, a doctor and a chartered accountant working together for almost 5 years and known each others for more than a decade. Meet the Team Of Asklepios that made it possible today to optimize chronic diseases treatments.

Frequently Asked Question

You can leave us a message down bellow or you can get in touch with us via email or phone number (scroll down)

Asklepios is a Software as a service so it’s easy to install in your professional laptop or your tablet/Smartphone. When you purchase the solution as a doctor we will guide you to install Asklepios.

Asklepios is totally free for patients. Asklepios is made to give the patients a better life.

Asklepios is a customizable solution, if you want some custom features you have to contact us and we will discuss the details.

We are looking to expand our network. If you are a learned society or an association you can contact us to discuss the possibility of a partnership.