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Asklepios is a smart medical companion. It is a software as service cross-platform available as mobile Desktop and web app. It Create a direct communication channel between patients or their parents and their relative doctors.

What is ASKlepios?

Asklepios is a smart medical companion for doctors and patients. it’s a Software as service cross-platform that combine the accessibility of the mobile technology with powerful new technology such as Cloud, AI, Cryptography to create a direct communication channel between patients who require a full time palliative care and their doctors.

Asklepios allows physicians to monitor in real time the health status of their patients collected through smartphones interactions and A.I. clinical signs detection and classification.

  • Real-time health indicators monitoring
  • Easy to use software
  • Regular Therapy follow-up
  • Medical Data Accessibility
  • DSS System for Physicians
  • Secured Communication Channel

Asklepios : The Story Behind

More than 3 billion people use smartphones in the world.  The majority of this population suffer or have a parent suffering from chronic diseases that require a full time medical assistance which isn’t practically possible.
  • 11 % of the world population is over than 60 years old and 88% of them has developed at least one chronic disease
  • 18 M new cancer diagnosis in the world in 2018 which means 1 of 5 men and 1 of 6 women develop cancer during their lifetime

Asklepios : How it Works

Asklepios will be a easy to use cross-platform for patients, physicians and health facilities.

Patients will communicate real-time informations about their current health situation depending on their disease (Pain, Nausea, Exhaustion, Fever, Stress, …) through the mobile application.
Doctors will have full access and monitoring of their patients’ health indicators in real time through their application in form of charts and alerts.
This will help the medical staff to take customized therapy decisions : such as therapy switch, lowing the doses, changing of medicine.

Features Offered By Asklepios

How it all started

January 2019
The origin of Asklepios idea. Development of the concept and business plan.
February 2019
Making Contacts with learned societies for future partnership and collaboration t make Asklepios better.
April 2019
Finding the perfect Advisory Board and start working on the prototype.
May 2019
Working on the prototype
June 2019
Company Incorporated And Labelled as Start-up From The Tunisian Government
June 2019
Selected To Pitch at PIRATE SUMMIT in Germany and at AFRICA STARTUP SUMMIT 2k19 in Tunisia
July 2019
Finishing the Prototype and Fetching for Seeds Investment
August 2019
Start testing the Alpha Version with learned Societies
September 2019
Developing the Beta version from the alpha Version and Testing it
December 2019
Start looking for investment to launch the official version of the platform in national market.
January 2020
Launch the official version of the platform in national market.

Our Management Team

Our Advisory Board

  • mejdi

    Mejdi Mtir

    Chartered Accountant with more than 5 years o...

    Mejdi Mtir

    Chartered Accountant with more than 5 years of experience.

Distribution of Global E-Health Market

The Global E-Health Market is valuated at $ 89 B in 2018 with a 19% growth each year.

mobile technology is growing faster and the mobile or wireless e-health solutions are estimated at 50% of the Global E-Health Market.

  • America (North & South)

  • Europe

  • Asia

  • Africa

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